HLW NYC Office

Workplace Strategy, Branded Graphics

New York

HLW is an architectural, design, planning, and strategy company established in 1885 and headquartered in New York City. HLW was credited with designing the New York Times building in Times Square, which resulted in the name change from the original, Longacre Square.

The New York City location and architectural influence inspired the branded graphics strategy and the production of a 360 square foot custom graphic by Chanel Dehond alongside the entrance and across from the primary client-facing boardroom.

An illuminated logo, vinyl treatments, the mission statement, and minimalist glass film details, were applied throughout to create a modern and welcoming workspace.

Client: HLW International LLP
Location: New York City, USA
Project Team: Natalie Mammarella (lead), Chanel Dehond

Fabricator & Installer: Drive21, Inc.