Pernod Ricard

Workplace Strategy, Change Management

London, UK

Workplace Strategy

Pernod Ricard is the parent company of several global beverage, wine, and spirit brands. We worked with Pernod Ricard’s UK group (PRUK) on a strategy for their new workplace. Having outgrown their existing London space, PRUK was looking for a setting that would reflect the personality of their various brands, incorporate the culture of conviviality into their space, and provide a hospitality environment for customers and other visitors. Conviviality sums up exactly what it is to be part of the PRUK team, regardless of the individual brand affiliation. It acknowledges the French roots of the business but captures the essence of enjoyment and the importance of celebrating togetherness.

Change Management

To further socialize the workplace strategy, we developed a change management plan for PRUK, which was organized around showing the commonalities among the various teams and how the workplace was designed to bring them together. As part of an employee town hall, we worked with PRUK to develop an immersive fly-through video of the newly designed space in order to create a sense of excitement for the workplace change.