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When it comes down to it, branded graphics are a high-impact, low-cost way to tell people who you are and what you do.

From the sign pointing you towards reception to the logos and brand elements, environmental graphic design creates a sense of place and helps users identify with an organization’s mission and values.

We’ve been designing buildings for over 136 years, so we get how people move through space. Oftentimes, branded graphics and wayfinding are treated as surface-level applications – stickers.

We like to take it further.

See our work in action.

ARk background_jpeg.jpg

We offer a wide array of signage, wayfinding, and graphic solutions.

Code Signage

Room IDs
Workstation IDs
Restroom IDs
Egress IDs
Fire and AED IDs
Elevator IDs
Occupancy IDs
Accessibility IDs
Emergency IDs
Push/Pull IDs
Glass Banding/Markers
Sustainability Signage



Junction Signage
Space Markers
Exterior Signage

Branded Graphics

Logos and Brand Assets
Surface Graphics
Glass Graphics
Interactive Elements
Typography and Lettering

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