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Ark offers a range of support to organizations confronting emerging workplace challenges. We believe the ecosystem of work, properly calibrated, offers rich opportunities to drive organizational value. Our aim is to mine qualitative insights and real-world data to inform recommendations for improving your space, culture, and operations.

Our studio's process is varied and tailored for each of our clients. We pride ourselves on offering a rigorous approach, grounded in user-centric research, to build a strategy that works for you. As your guide throughout the process, we’ll be sure to ask the right questions, cut through the ambiguity, and shepherd you to your destination.

Ark is a proven leader in workplace strategy. We trace our origins to HLW’s Strategy & Discovery team, a group dedicated to helping the world’s most successful organizations align their work, workforce, and workplace. Our studio blends more than two decades of legacy experience with competencies in organizational change management, business transformation, and research to help organizations leverage their workplace assets in support of larger business goals and objectives.

Strategy and Transformation

Campus and Master Planning

Big outcomes are the byproduct of many intentional details. We work at all scales, across offices and higher education institutions, to help you plot a course for the future. We help companies assess their real estate portfolios and workforce demographics to get out in front of growth. Throughout this process, our team will consider aspects of workplace and amenity planning, phasing strategies, and community engagement, to uncover project priorities and deliver highest-and-best-use results.

Diverse experience in research, planning, and business allows Ark to go well beyond traditional real estate problem-solving and dive into broader issues of organizational design. We are invested in helping your company thrive holistically, in and out of the office. Through dynamic leadership visioning and curated end-user engagement we structure decision frameworks and cultural playbooks that activate enhanced productivity and employee engagement.

Business Visioning and Innovation


Change Management and Communications

Proper workplace design is only half the battle. Without buy-in and adoption of new patterns, behaviors, and methods of work, even the best strategy can fall flat. We give change the attention it deserves to generate enthusiasm and minimize disruption to your teams’ productivity and engagement. Using readiness assessments, champion training, and curated outreach and events, we can educate and empower to marry your project with your people.

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