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Ark’s process is varied and tailored. We pride ourselves in offering a process based on research and data gathering in order to build a strategy that works for you. For some, this may mean engagements built to gather qualitative data through executive visioning, interviews, focus groups, or surveys, while others prefer more quantitative data sources.

Branded Graphics, Wayfinding &

With our background in design, strategy, and research, Ark’s team ensures every aspect of your space is custom-designed and built to be easy to navigate and feel like you.

The workplace is a strategic business tool that helps people and organizations thrive. Designing a new workplace is a major investment and offers an opportune time to reflect on organizational culture and business goals and to determine how the physical space can support them.

Workplace Strategy

Change Management

Change is always a challenge. Giving it the attention it deserves helps to generate enthusiasm and buy-in for new ways of working. Using assessments and other activities, we start by understanding your organization’s goals and how you operate. 

Do you have too much space? Too little? The wrong type of space? We can help to reevaluate the future of your real estate portfolio and create an environment suited to your needs.

Real Estate Advisory



Research is an integral part of the design process and a core competency of our studio.  We integrate research into our project work, and we engage in ongoing R&D with strategic partners.  Our research fundamentally centers on the nexus of people, place, and organizational performance.