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We believe in bringing diverse skill-sets and people to the table. Our work, our ideas, and our culture are stronger for it.


Alex Dunham

Managing Director

With a background in business, architecture, and strategy, Alex is a jack of all trades. He revels in organizational change and problem solving at the enterprise scale. Passionate about positive disruption, Alex will help frame your vision at 30,000 feet and structure an approach to bring it to life.


Chanel Dehond

Creative Director

Chanel is an expert visual communicator and leader of Ark’s branded graphics and wayfinding projects. This could mean developing communications collateral for transformation projects or change management; or developing bespoke environmental graphics to bring your space to life. She’s organized and engages every step of way.


Julie Ghimenti

Environmental Graphic Designer

Julie is a graphic designer with experience on the client-side. She has outstanding design skills and is an expert in assembling graphics packages.


Santina Busalacchi

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Santina has a command over illustration and graphic design techniques which make her a powerhouse in terms of custom lettering and branding.


Michael Gallo

Benchmark Analyst

As a Benchmark Analyst, Michael is integral to the overall data collection process and synthesis for your project. His strategic planning and design background is key in validating your space program and examining those space needs across different test-fits and scenarios.


Pete Bacevice

Director of Research

Pete’s our Director of Research and all around data wiz. Pete brings a methodological rigor to our research projects and has built the foundations of our analytical work. He heads up work on bespoke research, external research partnerships, surveys, utilization studies, and data mining.


Lorene Ford

Sr. Design Strategist

Lorene brings an architect's eye to strategic problems. Lorene leads our work on the west coast – from return to office planning to large scale campus developments. If your problem is ambiguous and messy – Lorene will help to untangle it.


Carolina Madrigal

Environmental Graphic Designer

Carolina’s architectural and marketing background position her as a master when it comes to wayfinding systems and functional graphic design.


Evan Rusinowitz

Design Strategist

As a Design Strategist, Evan is adept at analyzing quantitative and qualitative data to develop tailored space solutions. From real estate scenario planning to workplace strategy and change management, Evan is ready to help with your space challenges.