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What is Ark?

Ark is a multi-disciplinary studio that believes an integrated and informed understanding of workplace function, culture, and operations drives optimal business results.

We partner with our clients to create foundational strategies that reflect their unique business objectives, while supporting the evolving demands of the modern workforce.

We use design-thinking to bring our clients’ visions to life by harnessing changing work dynamics and crafting inspiring physical environments that enhance user experience. 

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How We Work

Achieving meaningful outcomes involves getting to know your organization from the inside out. To do this, we engage your people through a robust toolkit of qualitative and quantitative means. Interactive discussions built around dynamic activities, live polling, and even virtual reality help us tease out underlying interests, pinpoint business needs, and build consensus toward project priorities.

Our process aims to uncover the data and inspiration that will align your space and culture to your organizational mission and values. Our passion comes from getting to know your team and working together in service of a more responsive, higher performing workplace.

Our Core Principles

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Our Services

Strategy and Transformation

Campus and Master Planning

Business Visioning and Innovation

Change Management and Communications

Our Clients

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