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Ark is a multi-disciplinary studio that tackles organizational transformation and workplace design.


Our team of strategists, designers, and digital artists brings innovative and resilient thinking to all we do. We guide our clients through uncertainty and target insights that address unique business objectives. 


Our work uses space as a business tool to build more resilient organizations.

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How we work

Our process is purpose-built for each client and tailored to their needs. This approach is grounded in user-research and data analysis. Balancing qualitative engagements like visioning sessions, workshops, and interviews with more quantitative engagements like surveys. 

In every case the process is highly collaborative and iterative, aiming to chart a strategic and resilient course for the future.

Our Services

Organizational Transformation

Workplace Strategy

Change Management & Communications

Real Estate Advisory

Portfolio Planning

Campus Planning

Market Insights

Market Research & Business Intelligence

Custom Research


Branded Graphics, Wayfinding & Signage

Signage & Wayfinding

Branded Graphics

Future Planning

Mobility Strategy

Design Guidelines & Standards